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Domaine Ansen is a small vineyard and winery located in Alsace, owned by Daniel Ansen. I am the twelth generation of growers since Laurent Ansen in 1613. I have studied for 4 years in Bordeaux and fell in love with winemaking. I had my first jobs in the USA (WA) and in Australia (Clare Valley). After 8 years working with growers in Alsace, I took over my family’s vineyards. Being a winemaker, I decided that having my own winery was of paramount importance. It meant I could pick things when I wanted, and make exactly how I wanted to, without having to make any compromise. The equipment was installed in the historic buildings. 2012 allowed me to bottle my first vintage.

London - Judging at the IWC 2013
London – Judging at the IWC 2013

Behind every grape man, there is a great woman. Karin has supported my project from the start.




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