Our wines

Now available:

dry riesling
orange sylvaner,
off dry pinot gris
sulfite free pinot noir,
dry sulfite free gewurztraminer or riesling,
medium sweet gewürztraminer,
Cru Sal Weingarten ,
late harvest gewürztraminer,
late harvest pinot gris,
selection de grains noble riesling,
selection de grains nobles pinot gris.

sulfite free sparking Cremant d’Alsace brut nature.

« One of the standout producers » for Robin Goldsmithcremant

Technical sheets:

2014 organic Cremant d’Alsace Struch demi-sec

2014 organic Cremant d’Alsace Struch brut

2013 organic Cremant d’Alsace Struch Blanc de noirs Brut

Cremant d’Alsace Premiere cuvee Extra-brut logoBD

Cremant d’Alsace Premiere cuvee Demi-sec

2013 organic Lerchensand dry riesling

2014 organic Elmen pinot gris

2013 organic Elmen pinot gris

2012 Elmen pinot gris



2015 organic Sal Weingarten white blend

2014 organic Sal Weingarten dry white blend

2013 organic Sal Weingarten dry white blend

2014 organic Geierstein dry riesling

2012 Geierstein dry riesling MEDALS

      2015 organic Steig Pinot noir

 2014 organic Steig Pinot noir

2012 Steig pinot noir

2015 organic Lerchensand gewürztraminer

2015 organic gewürztraminer regional

2014 organic Ostenberg-Froehn gewürztraminer

2013 organic Ostenberg-Froehn gewürztraminer

2012 Froehn gewürztraminer

100 % hand picked and sorted. 100 % Stelvin cap for still wines.

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