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This is a small vineyard and a young winery located in the foothills of the beautiful Alsace region. We are positioned perfectly between the Hills of Vosges and the Rhine river which means we have our own perfect micro-climate for growing the best quality grapes.

We have 38 individual parcels of land spread over 3 villages and currently grow 9 different varieties of grapes. This is a dry vineyard (no irrigation). The soil is predominantly Keuper marl with a relatively high concentration of magnesium for this part of the Alsace region. The high magnesium levels are a result from an ancient sea levels evaporating around 210 million years ago. Combinated with cool climate, it gives our wines a unique and crisp balance over other wines from Alsace.

We believe to create the best possible taste will require the best quality grapes which is why our grapes are only hand picked and our vines are meticulously hand tendered all year round. We are Organically certified which means we adhere to strict regulations and use no pesticides on our vines. Our Organic status shows our commitment to achieving the best quality grapes that we can. PLAY YOUR PART

Summary of the estate
Summary of the estate

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